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Outsource Resume Sourcing & Candidate Screening Service

KTRIAN’s talent sourcing service provides data-driven techniques to expand your talent pool, accelerate your time-to-hire with qualified and industry-specific talent globally.

Resume Sourcing & Screening

Under the spectrum of KTRIAN’s offshore staffing services, resume sourcing and screening is one of the key competencies of our recruiting solutions. Our team of virtual sourcers and headhunters hold access to a network of talent pools and private recruitment databases to rapidly deliver niche, high-volume screened candidates. We strengthen US based staffing businesses with the required flexibility and agility by building a substantial talent pipeline as per role, industry, experience, salary and other crucial factors. Outsource resume sourcing service to KTRIAN’s offshore team to reduce your onshore overhead costs, making candidate longlisting profitable in a highly competitive talent market.

KTRIAN’s Resume Sourcing & Screening Process For US Based Staffing Firm - Our Approach

With tailored sourcing strategies that align with your client’s needs, we analyze the volume, skills criteria and resume sourcing mediums as per geography. We deploy the required resources in terms of manpower, sourcing tools and applicant tracking system (ATS) for efficient and optimized service delivery.

KTRIAN’s team of virtual sourcing experts are proficient to deliver a competitive advantage to staffing firms in identifying the top talent. The service model simplifies and scales your candidate database with our network and sourcing methodologies. Our years of deep expertise and sourcing excellence makes us the premium choice as an offshore partner to outsource sourcing services for US based staffing businesses.

Each step of sourcing and screening process includes reaching out to active and passive candidates, assessing technical skills, and delivering the perfectly matched, qualified resumes. Our resume sourcing and screening integrates the following strategies to deliver a comprehensive solution for sourcing top-tier talent pools.

Inspect and Scrutinize

The team of virtual sourcers inspect and scrutinize several candidate profiles from job boards, social media, online professional communities and forums. We take on the heavy load of talent mapping that fits your client’s needs as per geography and industry norms.

Sourcing Regional Talent

Sourcing regional talent for developing your client’s global workforce requires creative outreach to match demands of the global hiring market. Our sourcers construct effective and efficient tailored strategies for global sourcing.

Harnessing Analytics

We depend on harnessing analytics and data-driven insights to precisely track candidate behavior and engagement rate. This speeds up our service delivery of qualified talent and your pipeline of active and passive candidates that are ready for changing roles.

Best-Fit Candidates

Defining best-fit candidates ensures we deliver not only the matched skills criteria but also from verifying previous experience, reason for change, work status to validating critical requirements for critical roles.

Maintaining and Updating

Maintaining and updating talent databases is what our sourcers focus on ensuring you always have access to a ready-to-engage talent pool. We are dedicated to sustained engagement of updating candidates, giving your client the edge to attracting the best in the market as hiring needs scale up or down.


Why KTRIAN As Your Offshore Partner For Sourcing Resumes And Screening Service?

Client’s time

Speed your client’s time to hire with outsourced sourcing resumes service to cut down on the most labor-intensive task of searching qualified candidates. Streamline the most critical step of the talent acquisition process, sourcing.


Rely on the cost-effective sourcing partner to deliver resumes faster. Our team syncs with your client’s requirements to get you the most qualified candidates in the shortest time possible.

Traditional & latest

We blend the traditional, latest sourcing technologies and techniques to cater to the volume of any staffing needs. These sourcing tools are exclusive to professional sourcers that identify talent that wouldn’t be otherwise possible.

Industry specific

Ensuring the submitted resumes are skill matched, industry specific, geographically compliant and with validated checks are a top-notch priority. You can be rest assured that the best fit candidates are being submitted to the talent pool.

Save huge

Sourcing is a part of the recruitment process and hence this being the fraction, you save huge on the overhead costs of job boards, third-party talent database, managing sourcing process, validating checks and infrastructure spends.

Gain useful insights

Gain useful insights on detailed sourcing reporting and channel ROI from our experts by roles and industries. Based on the needs and hiring volume, get flexible benefits on scaling up or down.

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Case Studies

We’ve delivered an array of customized solutions to staffing firms across the US and EU. Some of the many case studies that signifies our expertise.

Resume sourcing

Primary Vendor For a Leading Staffing Firm In Manufacturing Industry To Deliver Contractual Staff

KTRIAN team deployed a Quick Response Team to the client to get labor on the production floor faster.

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MSP & VMS Support

Outsource your high-volume recruitment demands to attain faster turnaround time with KTRIAN’s MSP/VMS solutions. Our MSP/VMS recruiters possess expertise in various and wide range of vendor management tools to deliver quick and quality submittals. We have proven experience in achieving SLA requirements.

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