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Full Lifecycle Recruitment Service For A U.S. Based Staffing Firm Recruiting Highly Technical Roles In The Eastern European Market

About the Client – A technology-driven organization offering managed services and staffing solutions based in the U.S. catering to clients from Fortune 500 to startups.

end-to-end recruitment


  • The client had been outsourcing its recruiting requirements to KTRIAN for hiring IT and Non-IT onsite positions in the U.S.
  • Apart from the ongoing service, they were keen to explore our Full lifecycle Recruitment service to recruit remote talent in the Eastern European region for technical roles.


  • KTRIAN team started with learning the client’s expectations to bring in better matched and culture-fit talent.
  • Considering the Eastern European market, our dedicated recruiters started talent scouting for various positions via active and passive job boards across the region.
  • The team was very selective and vetted each profile precisely to connect.
  • Each profile was filtered as per solutions stack and technology infrastructure requirements.
  • The team went out of business hours to connect with candidates for the screening process.
  • Recruiters prepped themselves by getting better at understanding the technology and market. This helped them communicate better about the requirements and compensation structure with potential candidates.
  • Furthermore, for delivering quality submissions, recruiters went a step ahead to verify the technical expertise via a skill test questionnaire.
  • Despite the response ratio being low, recruiters were able to deliver the required hiring’s for the open positions. To date, the team KTRIAN continues to deliver Full Lifecycle Recruitment service to the client.

Results & Key Metrics


Along with the ongoing hiring in the U.S, we established a strong partnership with the client, looking at the success of targeting a new region for them.

With a team of 3, recruiters and a dedicated account manager of KTRIAN, the client was able to achieve 50+ hires in a new region, achieving fill rates of 96% of technically sound candidates.

Hiring remotely in the Eastern European region helped the end-client expand and grow the business of their new vertical exponentially in Europe.

It has been over 21 months since KTRIAN manages and executes full lifecycle recruitment for the U.S based staffing firm.

3 team of technical recruiters and a dedicated account manager

50+ new hires in East European market

96% fill rates achieved

21+ months and KTRIAN continues to manage full lifecycle recruitment for the client

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