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How KTRIAN Helped Maintain Scorecard KPIs for A VMS Supplier

About the Client – KTRIAN helped maintain VMS Scorecard KPIs for a Global Technology & Managed Solutions Service Provider.

VMS Supplier


  • Working on a VMS environment is known to be time-bound with limited submittal slots per open job order. Hence, the client was facing challenges to maintain their account scorecard for these critical metrics:

Time to Submit

Interview to Hire

Submissions to Positions

Selection Ratio

Submissions to Interview

Quality Of Hire

Assignment Completion

Sourcing Channel Cost & Efficiency

Vacancies Vs Positions Filled - Fill Rate

  • The client wanted VMS support from a trusted partner that could make improvements on these key metrics and deliver high-volume submissions efficiently.


  • The KTRIAN team allocated a small team of VMS-ready recruiters. Our recruiters sourced, screened, and submitted candidates on the VMS platform on behalf of the client.
  • The Ktrian team kept the SLA intact to ensure that the KPIs were addressed and the scorecard maintained.
  • With the limited onsite intervention from the client, the offshore KTRIAN team led the entire hiring process.
  • Our responsiveness in achieving the primary metrics of time to submission and submissions to positions, assisted the client to improve their supplier performance ranking.
  • We kept an agile approach to swiftly achieve the maximum fill rate for the open job orders.

Results & Key Metrics

The KTRIAN team started with a small batch of recruiters on the project. Looking at our performance of handling the volumes, minimizing lags and commitment to quality, a larger team of recruiters were requested to be dedicated to the client.

We have now been serving the client for a decade. They identify KTRIAN as their competent vendor for sustaining their VMS account in the Tier 1 category and keeping up with KPIs.

As of today, they are proud to refer to Ktrian as the most preferred VMS support solutions provider in the market.

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