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KTRIAN helped with Sales Lead Generation Campaigns for a Recruitment Firm and boost sales

About the Client – Fastest growing California-based professional recruitment firm placing candidates in Accounting, Administrative, Executive-level, Finance, HR, Legal, Marketing, Operations, Sales, and technical professionals in California.

Lead Generation

Our client Desires:

  • Looking for smarter, time-saving offshore lead generation support, which makes sense.
  • Incorporate virtual lead generation projects for speed and accuracy.
  • Trust reliable and standardized procedures for new business development identification, pre-screening, and accuracy.
  • Reduce direct & indirect costs for sales data development.
  • Leverage LinkedIn and other sourcing tools to create an accurate sales database.


  • Since the client is a provider of talents in a variety of industries, they were facing challenges find leads of potential clients in a bigger pool.
  • The client was looking for a sourcing partner that had a stronghold in the client’s locations to initiate successful sales lead-generation campaigns.
  • There was a need to reduce the time to find new business prospects, achieve a quick turnaround and amplify the sales team headcount.
  • They were looking to fill their sales pipeline with all the companies in above mentioned domains.
  • Client was looking for a leadGen project run at six sigma defect rates of 3.4 errors per one million opportunities


Here’s how KTRIAN worked on the solution to find the right match for the organization:

  • KTRIAN team deployed a Lead Generation Team of 7 resources to the client and started delivering expected number from the very first day.
  • KTRIAN managed the end-to-end sourcing of pre-qualified sales prospects such as hiring manager, Decision makers, Procurement teams, CW buyers, and reducing time to connect with them by providing brief data of email address, phone numbers and LinkedIn URLs.
  • KTRIAN team worked on the sourcing right fit potential clients by dragging more qualified and competent leads to the sales funnel.
  • KTRIAN helped them launch services nationwide covering leads from all 50 states

Results & Key Metrics

Lead Generation

With KTRIAN’s team, the client was able to avoid sales leads sourcing delays and boost the sales database by uploading 3000 new sales leads per week.

There was a significant 83% progress in onsite sales team headcount focused on learning the prospects and building new business relationship rather than spending time on lead generation.

KTRIAN continues to work with onsite project manager (client side as their primary lead generation vendor for delivering sales leads and adopting changes as per the client business needs.

No of leads sourced – 70-80/Day per resource

In-Depth Market Research

50% cost saving on sales budget

97% Sales Lead Accuracy

New Industry Market Penetration

30% New revenue increase

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  • The client had been outsourcing its recruiting requirements to KTRIAN for hiring IT and Non-IT onsite positions in the U.S.
  • Apart from the ongoing service, they were keen to explore our Full lifecycle Recruitment service to recruit remote talent in the Eastern European region for technical roles.


Here’s how KTRIAN worked on the solution to find the right match for the organization:


  • It was important to have a vetted process to ensure the right candidate was considered for the CEO position. KTRIAN wanted to clearly understand what the client was looking for in a New CEO in terms of responsibilities, challenges, and opportunities he/she would be facing.
  • We asked the board and senior management to lay the priorities in terms of expertise and professional/personal strengths that they would expect in a candidate.
  • We listed down the professional and personal attributes that the candidate must possess.
      • Min 10-15 progressive executive experience in healthcare technology and IT development, leading organization of 200+ employees and have business acumen for revenue growth.
      • A calculated leader, decision-making capability and encourage team-oriented culture.
  • Talking about any high-level search, understanding culture is a key component. We did a cultural audit of the senior leadership team to judge if the screened candidates could be a part of the organization.
  • The job description shared with us was clear in terms of expectations. It was also crucial to do a benchmark analysis of the JD against the competitive landscape. We studied the position trends and average compensation.


  • Upon understanding the requirement, we build sourcing and recruiting strategy to match the timeline of the then-current CEO’s retiring month.
  • Identified the CEO’s succession tasks that he would hand off either immediately or gradually.
  • A questionnaire was prepared by us to qualify candidates for consideration. It was presented to the board and senior management to review and finalize.
  • Together KTRIAN and the board members laid out an interview process to shortlist the candidates further.


  • KTRIAN’s experienced executive search recruiters started sourcing active and passive candidates discreetly yet aggressively.
  • We posted on job boards but didn’t wait for the applications to flow in, rather started networking with people.
  • The team located candidates who aren’t in the job market by leveraging a variety of channels. We intended to achieve maximum coverage.
  • Top candidates went through several interviews, including video and face-to-face to determine how well their background and experiences met the qualifications needed for this position.
  • Final candidates were given an assessment to determine if they matched the role requirements and are the right culture fit.

97% Sales Lead Accuracy